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Everyone has their Everest

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There are many times in a company’s lifecycle that you need to think about what you’re saying and how you’re saying it.

From the start of a company looking for investment, to the sell-off of a mature entity looking for a good price, companies have a moments where they need professional presentational help.

You might have a pilot fishing project booked in the US and you want to make a good impression with the investors. Or an analyst day that’s going to challenge every member of your team to perform.

(These can be quite gruelling with an 8 hour day and a roomful of analysts many of whom are immersed in their laptop screens.)

Later on in a company’s lifecycle there are other events that demand real presentation performance too. A profit warning that triggers a takeover threat, or maybe some great results that allow you to pursue an acquisition.

For these moments you also need to get the presentation in both content and form to be the best it can be.

We can put you through your paces. Asking the right questions and probing the issues that don’t sound up to par. Making sure those analysts will give you their full attention and not just buried on other business behind their laptops.

You will emerge not only with a convincing presentation, but a much better understanding of the fundamentals of your business.

How much is at stake at your next presentation?
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