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Albert Enstein



Ever since the Cadbury report and others like it, companies have had to run a health check report at regular intervals for their stakeholders.

And while it’s an extra piece of workload you perhaps could do without, it can bring a sense of confidence that a board is doing everything at least reasonably well.

Such a health check can also flag up issues which provide a valuable early warning system for things that could cost a company dear later on.

Depending on the size of the board and its availability, we can run a process in 3 to 6 months. A questionnaire followed by an observation and a set of one to one interviews provides us a good snapshot to make an assessment.

The output is a report and it can be viewed as a standalone piece of work or an initial reiview for something more substantial.

When things have to change

What happens if there’s a feeling that not everything ticks as positive? What if some on the  board sense  that things are  stuck, or the group is not working collectively is just plain ineffective?

Very often there’s pressure for change. Whom do you turn to, to get help?

What are your goals for this year?
What ever they are we will help you get there.


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